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Primary Care: Where Gout Management Begins and Flourishes

By: Dr. Paul Doghramji

Gout presents a unique challenge to primary care physicians (PCPs) due to its sudden onset, recurrent nature, and potential for debilitating pain or comorbid conditions. Comprehensive understanding and proficient management of gout stand as imperative facets in delivering optimal healthcare to patients, particularly given its widespread occurrence among adults.

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Pensive doctor working on her desktop PC at doctor's office.

ACR Convergence

ACR Convergence 2022 Philadelphia—revealed a wealth of gout research from basic science to clinical exciting to see a wealth of

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sweet pain of gout

The Sweet Pain of Gout

Gout is commonly associated with obesity and the over-indulgence of foods and alcohol. Indeed, gout was common in Europe between the 17th and 19th centuries where it affected primarily royalty and the wealthy, and the affliction of gout was often the subject of satire.

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