Acute Gout (Early Stage Gout)

Understanding the Fundamentals

As a patient, you may have been through what is about to be described—or you have seen a family member or friend experience a sudden, very painful flare that leads to a gout diagnosis. This section is intended to better prepare patients for steps to take and what to expect with gout.

Doctor diagnose patient symptoms at the hospital

Acting quickly to get this health situation diagnosed and under control is important. 

Make a same-day appointment with your primary care physician (PCP), if possible. A doctor at an urgent care clinic or hospital emergency room care will also work if a PCP is not available.

Early Stage Gout Symptoms - The First Flare

Imagine that a spouse or friend—or you—awakens with terrible foot pain, around the big toe, and wonders what is happening. Over the next 12 hours or so, the pain becomes excruciating! No pain has ever been this bad. The pain might also be in another joint—like an elbow, knee, ankle, wrist or finger. The joint is warm to the touch, red and swollen—and often becomes so painful that not even a bedsheet touching it is tolerable.


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