Additional Resources

Roundtable Consensus Paper: Encouraging Patients to "Go for 6"

Leverage strategies to raise public awareness and promote consistency in messaging about the importance of routine sUA testing and ongoing management of gout, here.

Comorbidities Brochure Series

Gout Splash Page montage-V2-FinalThis educational brochure series provides information about the link between gout and other serious health issues. Share these brochures with your patients, or request printed copies for your practice:

Gout & Kidney Health
Gout & Heart Health
Gout & Bone/Joint Health
- Gout & Diabetes

Gout & Chronic Kidney Disease Fact Sheet

This fact sheet provides a brief overview of gout, hyperuricemia and chronic kidney disease.


Go For Six: Brochure

This brochure provides the latest information about gout and the importance of sUA testing. Hand the brochure out to your patients so they can learn more about the importance of monitoring their sUA levels and taking other steps to control of their gout.


Go For Six: Poster

Display this poster in your office to educate patients about the importance of knowing their sUA number and keeping it below 6.0 mg/dL.

2014 GUAES Roundtable_Consensus Paper_Cover ImageRoundtable Consensus Paper: Promoting Consistency in Gout Diagnosis and Treatment

Leverage strategies for promoting consistency in gout diagnosis and management, and delivering patient education with this roundtable consensus paper, here.


Medical Professional Guide

This guide provides the latest information for medical professionals about gout diagnosis and treatment.


Take a Stand on Gout: Patient Brochure

This 16-page brochure provides the latest information about gout, including lifestyle, diet and treatment options. The brochure is available in both English and Spanish. To order printed copies for your practice, click here.


Take a Stand on Gout: Office Poster

Hang this poster in your practice to provide patients with quick facts and information about gout. The poster is available in both English and Spanish.To order printed copies, click here.

Additional Online Resources

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