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Patient brochure (English)

Patient brochure (Spanish)

“Take a Stand on Gout” Infographic/Poster (English)

“Take a Stand on Gout” Infographic/Poster (Spanish)

Medical Professional Guide (English)

Gout & Kidney Health Brochure

Gout & Heart Health Brochure

Gout & Bone & Joint Health Brochure

Gout & Diabetes Brochure

Gout Diet Fact Sheet

"Go For Six" Brochure

"Go For Six" Poster

"Go For Six" Infographic Poster

2014 Roundtable Consensus Paper

2015 Roundtable Consensus Paper: Encouraging Patients to "Go for 6"

FAQs About Gout Fact Sheet

Gout Medications Dos and Don'ts Fact Sheet

Living Healthy with Gout Fact Sheet

Medical Advice for Patients with Gout Fact Sheet

Talking with Your Doctor About Gout Fact Sheet

Who Gets Gout and Why Fact Sheet

"Go For Six" Score Card

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