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The Gout Education Society is a nonprofit organization committed to raising public awareness about gouty arthritis – the most common form of inflammatory arthritis. We provide health care professionals, like you, with complimentary non-branded resources to share with patients, along with updated medical literature and guidelines, with the aim of improving the overall quality of care.

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CME Courses

The Gout Education Society believes that continuing education for medical professionals and their staff is crucial when it comes to keeping up with the latest in gout treatment, diagnosis and management.

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Gout Specialist Network

Sign up today and join the nationwide coalition dedicated to increasing awareness of gout and improving the quality of patient care.

Education Library Resources - Take a Stand on Gout- Implications of the ACR Guidelines for Gout Management

Gout Education Library

With gout on the rise, it is essential that all patients, especially those touched by gout, are knowledgeable about this serious disease. You can always learn more from your doctor during regular visits. Take a stand on gout!

Did you know?

Today, more than 9.2 million Americans are living with gout—a number that is on the rise. Unfortunately, just 10 percent of people with gout are getting needed, ongoing treatment.

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Gout Flare Triggers

Gout triggers can differ from one person to another. Once a person identifies his or her specific triggers, gout can be easier to manage.

How much do you know about gout?

Take this quick interactive quiz to put your gout knowledge to the test. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions about gout and its symptoms. Here are some popular questions about gout, its causes, symptoms, and treatments!

Gout is the most common form of inflammatory arthritis. Caused by an accumulation of uric acid crystals in the joints, gout often begins in the big toe with sudden and severe episodes of pain, warmth and swelling. Gout incidence is at an all-time high—but unfortunately, many people with gout are not receiving effective treatment. Read more

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